• About Zipwhip

    Texting isn't just for mobile
    phones anymore.

    Texting is too important to be the sole
    domain of mobile phones. Zipwhip lets
    your texts live wherever you want — whether that's on your computer, your tablet, or even your coffee machine!

    How it works
  • Cloud Texting for Your Phone Number

    Why text enable your
    landline or toll free number?

    A growing number of people use text
    messaging as their first and preferred
    form of communication. Make it easy
    for them to reach you, and watch your
    business grow as a result.

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  • Cloud Texting for Your Android Phone
Zipwhip is Cloud Texting

Zipwhip's cloud texting lets you send and receive text messages from any internet- connected device such as your laptop, desktop, or tablet computer. The beauty of Zipwhip technology is that we leverage your existing mobile or landline phone number.

The Zipwhip cloud stores your messages for you just like email. Upon receiving a new text message, Zipwhip pushes that message down to all your devices in real time. These devices are kept perfectly in sync.


People text you as usual on your
Existing Phone Number.


All messages live in the cloud,
accessible anytime, anywhere.


People can reach you
on any device, even
when they text your
Landline or Toll Free Number.