For over 4 years Zipwhip has been laser focused on text messaging and the unique characteristics that have made it such a widely adopted medium. While billions of consumers globally have grown to embrace its functionality, a new problem has evolved—text messaging has become stuck inside the mobile device. Texting has become too important in people's lives to be the sole domain of a mobile phone, and that is why Zipwhip exists today. Zipwhip's text messaging cloud enables mobile subscribers to text from virtually any connected device with a fully synchronized experience to their main mobile number.

Cloud Texting is:

  • Cloud Texting is when your friend sends a text to your mobile number and it pops up in real-time on both your computer and tablet.
  • Cloud Texting is when you're spending 8 hours a day working in front of your computer and you're quickly replying to texts from the ease of your finger tips without skipping a beat.
  • Cloud Texting is when you mark a message as read on the web and it marks that message as read on your phone so you don't waste precious time rereading that message again.
  • Cloud Texting is when you delete a message off one device, and it deletes that message permanently off all your devices.
  • Cloud Texting is when you have the capability to start a reply-all text group from your phone, your computer, or even your tablet.
  • Cloud Texting is when you can send a message to your friend and 60 seconds after your friend reads the message it self-destructs, kind of like the self destructing message on Inspector Gadget for those of you who grew up in the 80s.
  • Cloud Texting is having access to all your text messages on all your devices.

cloud texting diagram

“The Medium is the Message”

Whether you're a Marshall McLuhan buff or not, you may have heard his famous quote, "The medium is the message". In order to fully understand text messaging, how it has changed mankind, and where it will end up, it's critical to understand that the medium in its own right, regardless of the content it carries, is the message. Zipwhip does, and that's a core reason why mobile carriers world-wide have chosen Zipwhip as their text messaging partner.