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Forbes- Helping Fight Against Disruption-- Zipwhip Avoids the “Uber Syndrome”

When I talk about the disruptive impact of new technology approaches, it is often couched in terms of a new entrant disrupting...


GeekWire- This Beer-Pouring Robot lets you Skip the Line for the Bar — using Text Messages and a Laser

We’ve already seen robots that get you a beer and coffee machines that start brewing when you text. Now, those two glorious ideas are coming together with the Texterator...



Toll Free Texting Growth Stronger than Ever

Business texting, which includes texting to toll free numbers, is thriving. Even major brands have the confidence to trust, and invest in, the business texting ecosystem on their existing phone numbers.

Read Zipwhip's Understanding TCPA White Paper

Using Zipwhip, businesses can effectively and safely communicate with consumers via texting in a way that abides by TCPA regulations while keeping the conversation natural.

Zipwhip Survey: "Customers are Texting You"

Zipwhip wanted to learn more about consumer preferences regarding business texting and phone calls, so we conducted a nation-wide survey of over 1,500 adults.

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