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Forbes- Helping Fight Against Disruption-- Zipwhip Avoids the “Uber Syndrome”

When I talk about the disruptive impact of new technology approaches, it is often couched in terms of a new entrant disrupting...


GeekWire- This Beer-Pouring Robot lets you Skip the Line for the Bar — using Text Messages and a Laser

We’ve already seen robots that get you a beer and coffee machines that start brewing when you text. Now, those two glorious ideas are coming together with the Texterator...



Zipwhip Texterator: The World's First Text-Enabled Kegerator

There’s a new bartender in Seattle, and she wants your phone number. In fact, it’s the only way she’ll serve you a beer. Her name is Texterator, and she’s the world’s first text-enabled kegerator...

Dental Industry Embraces Zipwhip Landline Texting

A popular communication tool, Zipwhip lets dental offices connect better with patients by sending and receiving text messages on existing landline and toll free numbers...

7 Things You Need to Know on E2P Texting

With the unveiling of texting on toll-free numbers last year came a lot of questions on how it’s different from texting...

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