Zipwhip for Health

Enter your existing office number to start texting.


CrisDental sees approximately 30 to 40 clients a day at each of their locations. For Michael Bratland, CEO of CrisDental, providing top-notch customer care and sending appointment reminders is where things get tough. “Before Zipwhip, we would have to call to remind them of appointments. We couldn’t get ahold of patients because not everyone wants to answer a phone call during work hours.” Michael needed a way to communicate with patients that was more time effective and invited the patient to feel more comfortable to ask other questions.

Benefits for Health Professionals

Same Number

Zipwhip enables your existing landline or toll free number to send and receive texts.

Private Medium

We are a secure SMS service providing private and stored conversations in our cloud.

Answer Questions

We offer two-way texting to allow staff to answer patient's questions or concerns.

Appointment Reminders

Send scheduled texts to reduce late cancellations and missed appointments.

Patient Alerts

All texts are sent to patients’ phone, allowing you to alert them of results immediately.

Saved Conversations

Contacts and conversations are saved and accessible using the Zipwhip Web App.

We want our patients to be able to reach us the way they prefer. Zipwhip is ideal because my patients would rather text my office than call it.

Dr. Michael Kitsas Owner, Supertooth Dentistry

Once patients know they can text, they start asking questions about bills and their next appointment. It's an effective tool.

Dr. Michael Bratland CEO, CrisDental ​

I like that our patients now have one number to remember and I don’t have to use my personal mobile number to reach our patients.

Dr. Patrick Fleege Seattle Medical Building ​

Our patients were asking for Zipwhip before we even knew it existed. We signed up and began using it immediately. It's a game changer.

Dr. David Knopf Dentist, Abella Dental ​
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