Zipwhip for Radio

Increase revenue using your
existing studio phone number.

See how Zipwhip can empower your station

As radio stations compete with music streaming services in this modern era, it is even more important to prioritize listener engagement and mobile convenience. Zipwhip adds real, documentable value to an already established commodity: the call-in studio line. We enable hundreds of stations to send and receive texts with listeners which encourages audience engagement, increases sponsorship impressions, and generates a brand new revenue channel.

Benefits for Radio Stations

Same Number

Zipwhip enables the request or studio line listeners already call to send and receive texts.

Communicate in Real-time

See song requests or answer questions directly in seconds using your studio computer.

New Revenue

Keywords and auto reply are great ways to ensure listeners see your sponsor’s message.

Increase Engagement

Zipwhip tripled the amount of audience engagement for WBRU in just a few months.

Boost Fundraising

C89.5 achieved donation goals with text messaging being the most effective tool.

More Affordable

Short codes and mobile apps are expensive and have limited functionality.

Zipwhip provides an affordable, effective way for our audience to communicate with us the exact same way they do with friends- texting.

Scott Hecathorn Operations Manager, KISS 98.5FM

The hardest part of selling is showing value. Zipwhip adds real, documentable value to an established commodity: our request line.

Brian Black Sales Manager, KCYE 102.7FM

Our first 30 days of using Zipwhip allowed KEXP to connect with 1262 unique listeners who texted the station over 3000 times.

Rob Knop Marketing Director, KEXP 90.3FM

Our listeners love Zipwhip. It's tripled the feedback we get on new music and is great for creative on-air promotions and content.

Wyatt Crowell Station Manager, WBRU 95.5FM
  • 98.5 Kiss FM
  • 102.7 The Coyote
  • KEXP
  • 95.5 WBRU