Zipwhip for Salons

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Bowie Salon and Spa

Outbound calls made by staff to remind clients of appointments are often ineffective because most people simply don’t answer phone calls. And in the multi-tasking world of the front desk salon employee, making calls to confirm reservations is a time strain. If a client forgets his or her appointment, the salon takes a financial loss. But would communicating with clients via text message be an affordable solution? Scott McHugh, owner of Bowie Salon and Spa, thought it might. A few months after using Zipwhip, Bowie experienced an 80% decrease in appointment no-shows and last minute cancellations.

Benefits for Salons

Same Number

Clientele can book appointments by texting your existing front desk number.

Improve Convenience

97% of young adults text. Zipwhip allows them to reach you the way they want to chat.

Increase Loyalty

Texting with a real person using your business number builds customer trust & loyalty.

Send Reminders

Sending texts to remind customers of appointments is proven to reduce no-shows.

Immediate Responses

Texting’s immediacy can fill sudden cancellations while saving valuable staff time.

Promote Engagement

Promoting a new product? Texting is the easiest way for clients to find out more.

We’re getting 80% less no-shows and last minute cancellations because everyone is reminded of their appointment time.

Stacey Bowie Owner, Bowie Salon and Spa

We love the convenience and ability to answer questions directly. We highly recommend adding Zipwhip to your communication repertoire.

Andrea Connell Admissions Leader, Eric Fisher Academy

We love having another option to contact our clients and they love being able to quickly tell us something when calling isn't an option.

Stephanie Foster Nail Technician, Whit's End Salon and Spa
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