Reduce churn and drive more revenue with customer service texting.

Deliver personalized and streamlined support

Our platform was designed to improve consumer-to-business conversations leveraging the simplicity of texting. Our web application provides a real-time snapshot across all departments in a unified interface. Our multi-user offering allows enterprise customers to efficiently manage high volume customer service text support. Zipwhip gives your business access to the SMS medium and the software to streamline texting into your business flow within minutes.

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Cloud Contact Management

Our carrier-grade cloud web app is engineered to handle high volume traffic phone numbers. Our platform allows enterprise-grade companies to centrally access all customer conversations from any Internet connected device.


Administrators can add multiple users to help manage incoming messages on a single phone number. Every outbound text is tagged with the operator’s name to ensure employee and department accountability.

Administrative Controls

Multi-user accounts come with permission controls to designate admins from operators. Admins are authorized to manage core features like keywords and auto reply, while operators are authorized to only handle inbound texts.

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Throttle Rate

Zipwhip increases a higher throttle rate for the number of outbound texts per minute for enterprise users with higher inbound traffic to ensure your customers have a flawless texting experience.

White Labeling

Your brand, our apps. We got you covered every step of the way from white labeling our web and desktop software platforms to customizing our mobile applications to fit your organization's brand specifications.

API Access

Got software already? That works for us. Zipwhip offers a variety of APIs for enterprise users who choose to build their own applications and or integrate our landline and toll free texting solution into their existing platforms.

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Enterprise texting opportunities

consumer frustration

Consumer frustration

81% of consumers are frustrated being tied to a call or computer for customer service.

prefer texting

Prefer texting

64% of consumers would prefer to use texting over voice as a customer service channel.


Better perception

77% of consumers are likely to have a better perception of a company that offers texting.