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Your customers want to text you.
Let them.

"Call or Text"- One Number Does It All

Texting is part of the fabric of our daily communication. Everyone from teenagers to grandparents is texting. If you're not texting with them, you're falling behind. Over 150 million texts are sent everyday to non-mobile numbers and that number is steadily rising. "Call or Text" is showing up on TV commercials, being promoted on radio, and even appearing on city billboards across the country. Your customers want to text you. Zipwhip helps you so that they can.

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Scheduled Texts

Scheduled texts are perfect for businesses that rely on appointments. Simply compose the text, schedule the date and time you want it sent, and Zipwhip makes sure customers see your reminder.

Group Texting

Send a text to up to 50 contacts at one time. We make it so recipients do not see each other's replies, only you. Users can segment a group for future reference or instead fire off an ad hoc group message.


Wireless customers can text a unique word to your landline number and receive a corresponding message that you’ve composed for that specific word.

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Cloud Contact Management

Our cloud-based web app allows businesses to import existing contacts and access entire conversation histories from any Internet connected device.


Business owners can add multiple users to help manage incoming messages on a single phone number. Every outbound text is tagged with the operator’s name to ensure user accountability and interdepartment transparency.

Administrative Controls

Multi-user accounts come with permission controls to designate admins from operators. Admins are authorized to manage core features like keywords and auto reply, while operators are authorized to only handle inbound texts.

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“One of the main reasons we have text messaging is that we felt our customers want every means possible to be kept in contact.”

- Steve Bates , BMW Seattle

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