Welcome to the Zipwhip API!

Zipwhip offers a range of tools and support to transform your idea or business into a texting reality. Texting is a powerful medium that offers prime real estate on mobile phones all across the globe.

Using the Zipwhip API

1. Sign Up

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2. Choose a language


3. Start sending messages

developer sms api

Tools to Succeed

Does your business use a language not listed above? No worries. Follow our cURL API. This gives you a blueprint for all of our web calls.

Once you know how to send a message, save some contacts, and conversations you're going to want to start receiving messages from your co-workers or consumers.


curl https://api.zipwhip.com/message/send \
-d body=Hi. \
-d contacts=ptn:/3608964896 \
-d session=8ef1211f-d9f2-4c81-906f-7d27da5a32f8:309626613

Ways to Receive Messages

Short Polling

You choose the interval only query when it is important to you.

Web Hooks

Have a service hosted already and want to augment it with text? We can get you set with Web Hooks, our server will automatically POST to your server with the changes pertaining to your account.

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If at any point you have a question regarding the API provided please reach out to api@zipwhip.com.