Our cloud-powered web app was built to help businesses utilize customers' preferred means of communication- texting. We make it simple to confirm appointments, answer questions, and provide the absolute best customer service experience. Understanding the tools in our web app like schedule texting, keywords, and multi-user logins is the first step to help attract new customers, win more deals, and improve customer satisfaction.

Contact Import

Contact Import

Our web app allows you to upload your existing contacts' information using an Excel spreadsheet to make the transition to Zipwhip smooth.


Auto Reply

Set automated greetings for incoming texts at specified times and days when you can't personally reply to messages.

Customizable Signature

Custom Signature

Include a message signature that appears under the content of all outbound texts to provide additional valuable information.

Group Texting

Group Texting

Send a text to up to 50 contacts at one time. You have the ability to save segmented groups or instead fire off an ad hoc message.

Scheduled Texting

Scheduled Texting

Set the date in the future you want your text sent, and we make sure your message arrives on customers' phones at that time.

Personalized Keywords


Someone texts a unique word to your number and receive a corresponding message that you’ve designated for that specific word.

Picture Messaging

Picture Texting (MMS)

Sometimes a photo says more than 250 characters. Picture texting allows you to share high quality images with mobile phone numbers.

Weekly Email Report


The Reports Dashboard displays your text message analytics to provide a better understanding of your customer engagement.

Multi-User Login


High volume accounts can assign multiple users to text from one number. Every outbound message is marked according to the user that replied.